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Save time building beautiful responsive websites

Blocs Templates Lifetime Membership gives you a lifetime access to all existing and future templates, all future updates to all templates, collection of copyright-free photos and more. All with a simple one-time purchase.

When you sign up for our membership, you get the following benefits:
  • Access to all existing and future templates
  • Lifetime template updates and priority support
  • Over 800 web-optimized copyright-free photos
  • Instant savings of over $1200
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What users are saying about Blocs Templates

I absolutely enjoy working with blocs, it is powerful and effective in the creation of websites, but that’s not all that blocs can do! if you pay attention to Eldar’s templates, you will learn how to manipulate the code without having to know everything about the code. Spending more time creating and less time scratching your head! - Robert Cobb

Since I switched from Joomla to Blocs I was so happy to find Blocs Templates and the amazing service and support from Eldar. This made the switch so much better. Thanks. - Tom

The best website to learn how to use Blocs. Eldar cares to help you if you have problems with the templates. If you subscribe you will not regret it. It includes a large number of sample templates. 100% recommended - Wardiam

Eldar's templates are well constructed and offer many ideas, including technical ones. Thank you  (Original in Italian:I templates di Eldar sono ben costruiti e offrono molti spunti anche tecnici. Grazie ) - Umberto

Great service and superb templates and tutorials! - Gary Vey

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You get a Blocs project file, HTML files, and Blocs Page Template files.

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Editing a template

Check out the video showing how to customize a Blocs template.

What's included?

File Icon 33 files


All Templates for Blocs
584 MB
Blocs 3 Templates
Company - B3 Ver
25.7 MB
Freelancer - B3 Ver
13.7 MB
Service - B3 Ver
16.1 MB
Application - B3 Ver
5.08 MB
Photograph - B3 Ver
44.1 MB
Flower - B3 Ver
20.3 MB
Agency - B3 Ver
6.6 MB
Anastasia - B3 Ver
10.9 MB
Blogger - B3 Ver
2.13 MB
Corporate - B3 Ver
10.7 MB
Creativity - B3 Ver
13.7 MB
Designer - B3 Ver
12.7 MB
Apartment - B3 Ver
65.1 MB
Enterprise - B3 Ver
13 MB
Event - B3 Ver
5.22 MB
Commerce - B3 Ver
24.9 MB
Fitness - B3 Ver
22.9 MB
Inspiration - B3 Ver
6.41 MB
Music - B3 Ver
11.7 MB
Nikola - B3 Ver
4.71 MB
Lawyer - B3 Ver
24 MB
Hospital - B3 Ver
37.8 MB
Passion - B3 Ver
7.88 MB
Restaurant - B3 Ver
21 MB
Resume - B3 Ver
2.62 MB
Producer - B3 Ver
38.2 MB
Wedding - B3 Ver
17.9 MB
Personality - B3 Ver
41.5 MB
Winter - B3 Ver
35.3 MB
Macintosh - B3 Ver
19 MB
Blocs 2 Templates
All Templates for Blocs 2
582 MB
Documents & Resources
Copyright-free photos
218 MB

Eldar Gezalov

An authorized Expert and Professional Web Designer for Blocs and Squarespace.


Can I get a refund?

In case you have made a purchase by mistake, we are happy to refund you the full amount. In some cases, you can be charged only for a transaction fee.

The difference between .BLOC vs .BEX files

Blocs 2.4 comes with a new feature called Page Templates (.BEX files), which is a cool way to copy and paste the designs from one Blocs project to another. Keep in mind that Page Templates feature only supports one page at a time, and you don’t actually need it to use our templates. All of our templates come with standard .BLOC files, which are the regular project files. 

Adding pages to Page Templates Library in Blocs

There are two ways to add a page template to the Template Library in Blocs.
For .BEX files, just click on file and it will be added.
For .BLOC files, click on the file to open the project in Blocs, navigate to any page, and add the page to Template Library by selecting the 'Page' -> 'Add to Template Library'.

Why do I need a template?

By using the template, you save a lot of time and energy structuring your website, choosing the right fonts, colors, and other elements of your site.

Can I edit the template with other software?

Yes. In additon to Blocs project file, we also provide the HTML template files, which you can easily edit in a HTML editor of your choice.

What is Blocs?

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy to use and powerful visual web design tool that lets you create beautiful and modern websites without the need to write code.

When should I use BEX or BLOC

Use .BEX files when you want to copy a page from one Blocs project to another one.
Use .BLOC files when you want to start building a multi-page website from scratch.
You can always start your project with .BLOC file and add more pages to your project using .BEX files.

Can you teach me how to use Blocs?

Yes. Just visit website to get access to a number of video courses, designed to help you to master Blocs.